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Exactly Why Is FoxyBingo.com A Rip Off?

More Information: http://foxybingoscam.tumblr.com/

I have been an online bingo marketer with Foxy Bingo for the larger portion of 36 months. I have directed lots of players to their website in this particular time period, you know, since they are Foxy Bingo. I saw lots of advertisements on the TV and believed they seemed like an excellent bingo website to play at and a trustworthy company.

Within this time we've sent game enthusiasts to Foxy Bingo, they've wagered a lot of money, not a single one of them within my control has earned any money. Furthermore, i've not been paid out my affiliate revenue from Foxybingo.com.

To me, i will no longer promote Foxy Bingo. Due to the fact:

They haven't yet paid me the cash i am due as an affiliate (It's taken me at least a year to get paid). If they behave like this with me, there're very likely to act like this if someone is sufficiently lucky to win a big jackpot prize. I would like all of the folks that sign up through my hyperlink to get paid easily right away. None of my players have received any money at this site. It has left me, and my players disgruntled customers of Foxy Bingo. For that reason, i feel like it's is my responsibility to warn players about Foxy Bingo and tell them to not play there.

Exactly where should you play at instead? There are several possibilities open to players who would like to play internet bingo. I have found that Cassava bingo sites to have the best playing experience, ease of withdrawal and also the highest chance of winning.

Because of this i highly endorse them. We advise: Robin Hood Bingo is a leading Cassava Enterprises bingo site. The site carries a deposit �10, have fun with �35 bonus. Together with that, the site also rewards gamers which make more substantial deposits with other beneficial bonus deals and special offers.

Probably the best bit in relation to Robinhoodbingo.com though is how fun the website is to play at. The site will pay out well and the whole playing ambiance, along with the games available make for a really enjoyable and fun bingo gaming experience.

Even so, Polobingo.com is our #1 pick for Cassava Enterprises bingo websites. Reason being: They supply without a doubt, the best and the largest bonus package.

What exactly do you receive? Well you acquire a bonus package worth as much as �1000 on your very first 3 deposits. Which means that you can up your chances of winning a big prize through getting large 200% and 300% bonuses on your first, second and third deposits. The majority of bingo websites merely supply a good first deposit bonus, Polo Bingo has your first 3 deposits covered. This is certainly superb mainly because it gives you a better chance of winning at internet bingo in comparison with the many other websites.

No matter where you opt to play though, definitely make sure you keep away from Foxy Bingo, you'll discover much better promotions in other places along with a legit prospect of winning some real cash prizes.


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